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The Danger of Used Oil

Based on Oil Waste Category B3, used oil is a corrosive, flammable, explosive, reactive, toxic material that can cause infection, irritation, and mutagenic.

The government has released a regulation of the B3 waste, but the rule is only applied in the industry sector. Whereas we can find the B3 waste pollution easily and not only in the industrial region.

The Danger of Used Oil

We can get the B3 waste pollution from the machine shop or motorcycle exhaust or even from the household waste. Where the material from some of that area will spread widely through soil, water, air, and food.

The cesspit will get into our body through our skin, our digestive organs, or even from our respiratory organs, etc.

Oil waste will make the soil turning into poor and barren condition. It’s also not soluble in water so it can harm the water habitat.

A liter of used oil can damage millions liter of water supply. You can imagine how dangerous oil waste is.

In line with the changing times, the amount of used oil will continue to grow along with the number of motor vehicles and machine production.

We can even find a small garage workshop which used oil waste and unfortunately, they often throw away the used oil in their environment. How dangerous this behavior to our environment.

It’s better that our local government cooperate with the people in the surrounding environment to make outreach to the community. It’s to prevent people to carelessly dispose of the B3 waste, not in the right landfill.

Many states now have developed a special place for the recycling of used oil as feedstock for the manufacture of liquid fuels.

It has also been developed in Indonesia by some students. The results of the recycling process are it can help save some money and also reduce pollution to our environment.

If you can’t process the used oil to become a raw material to be used in manufacture, then you can start with a very simple way.

You only need to collect used oil and put in sealed containers. Do not use the used oil for other things rather as liquid fuels.

You can then collect the oil and give it to the recycling of used oil to be immediately handled and make the material safer for the environment.