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The Danger of Asbestos Material in Brake Linings

Before the severe facts about asbestos revealed, asbestos was a material with numerous benefit. This material is known as the best insulator and fire resistant material.

The feature of asbestos is very helpful in making various kinds of goods such as insulation in shipbuilding, construction, boilers, brake lining, and also as an ingredient in reinforcing concrete, insulating fireproof boards, wallboard, floor tiles and coverings, ceiling tiles, and a gas mask, lift, and machinery.

The Danger of Asbestos Material in Brake Linings

But, even though asbestos has several useful advantages, asbestos is very dangerous and deadly to human health.

That is why asbestos is banned in many countries now. Asbestos is capable of causing various health problems to human’s organ, particularly our lungs.

Asbestos-related diseases often attack the lungs of victims because the victims who live, or work, in an environment of heavy exposure to asbestos, inhale air containing the dangerous fibres.

As we mentioned earlier, asbestos used in various commercial products, one of that many products is brake lining. Car and motorcycle use a break and when you are going to dismantle the brake, be careful with the dust from the brake’s dirt.

It’s because it contains asbestos material. It’s dangerous to inhale the asbestos particles, because it will lead to some asbestos-related diseases, such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.

Mechanics, garage owners, and people who live around the garage are people who are at high risk of asbestos exposure from the brake lining.

It’s because when a mechanic cleans up or unpacking the break with a compressor, that’s when the dust from the brake go airborne. The dust which goes airborne will easily inhale by people who live in the area.

Then, the deadly diseases start to develop in our body such as mentioned before. One of the deadly diseases is Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer which is malignant and rare.

Mesothelioma cancer affects the mesothelium lining in the body which is a thin protective membrane that covers the lungs, heart and other organs in the body. The disease is most often caused by the asbestos fibres exposure.

Next disease is Asbestosis. Asbestosis is a breathing disorder caused by inhaling asbestos fibres. Long-term accumulation of these fibres in the lungs can scar the lung tissue then we will experience shortness of breath as the impact of fibres inhalation.

Asbestosis symptoms can range from mild to severe, and usually do not appear until many years after exposure.

Here’s some information about the dangers of asbestos material in brake lining. For more information, you can visit this website. I hope it can give you some useful insight, Thank you.

Recognizing the Important Parts of a Motorcycle

Motorcycle consist of numerous different parts. Acknowledging the crucial part of a motorcycle is important.

1. Plug

plug motorcycle

A plug is a very important component of a vehicle without this part, and a motorcycle will not able to walk.

A plug is a static component that has a function to spark a high voltage flames electricity which comes from the coil in into the combustion chamber. The process makes the combustion chamber gas occurred.

2. Carburetor


The function of the carburetor is to regulate the air and fuel into the suction channel then move to a cylinder.

Carburetor also has the capacity to set ratio between fuel and air and to mix the fuel and air uniformly. (Used in old motor output).

3. The Injector

The Injector

The injector itself of its usefulness that is similar to pilot jet and main jet that spray fuel into the combustion chamber.

The injector performance was helped by the ECU (Engine Control Unit), which govern the level of a fuel injector.

In simple terms, the function of the injector is to inject fuel into the combustion chamber by changing the particles into a mist.

The injector is not siphoned gasoline by itself, but the gas flow to the injectors, due to the pressure of the fuel pump. So if there is no fuel pump injector, it will not work optimally.

4. Systems Engineering

Consists of :

a. Engine power system. As a source of propulsion for the drive, consisting of parts:

  • Machine / engine
  • The fuel system
  • Lubrication Systems
  • The exhaust system
  • Cooling System

b. Driving transmission system is a series of transmission and engine power to the rear wheels, comprising:

  • The clutch mechanism
  • Mechanism gear
  • Transmission
  • Mechanisms starter

5. Electrical System

The workings of the electricity used to generate power for the combustion engine work processes and signals to support the security drive.

So all components that are directly related to electrical energy are grouped into electrical parts.

Electrical parts are divided into:

  • Group ignition
  • Group charging
  • Group of the load

Order / Chassis

Consists of several components to support that motorcycles can run and turn. Its components are:

  • Frame
  • The steering group
  • Group of suspension
  • Wheel Group
  • Brake Group
  • The fuel tank
  • Seat
  • Fender

Top 3 Best 600cc Motorcycles – Comparison and Specification

There are a lot of motorcycles brand that manufactured 600 cc motorcycles. They are Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. They produced the best 600cc motorcycles.

A 600cc motorcycle is quite expensive if you compared it with a 250cc motorcycle. But, you can get a motorcycle with the highest performance which capable of producing an enormous torque and power.

Without further ado, for those who curious about the top 3 best 600 cc motorcycles, here’s the complete information:

1. Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6

Yamaha manufactured their best 600cc-motorcycle which is YZF-R6 or is known as R6. It carries DOHC inline four-cylinder with a capacity of 599cc for its engine technology and also equipped with the liquid cooling system.

In addition, this motorcycle also has a feature which is acknowledged as Yamaha Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I. Its point makes a powerful and responsive engine performance.

With these machines, Yamaha R6 is able to achieve the maximum power to 123.7PS with 14,500 rpm round and 65.7 Nm of torque at 10,500 rpm rotation.

2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 SE

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 SE

Due to its complete features, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 SE ready to beat all the 600cc-motorcycle. This type of motorcycle is equipped of 4-cylinder with 636cc engine capacity. In addition, it has a sporty and sophisticated design. This motorcycle cost more than the Yamaha R6.

It because of this motorcycle supplied with unique features which it has the same features of racing motorcycle, such as KTRC 3 mode, Power Mode, and KiBS.

It also has ABS braking system which ready to stop the pace of the machine that is able to produce power to 131 PS / 13,500 rpm and a torque of 71 N.m spew / 11,500 rpm.

3. Honda CBR650F

Honda CBR650F

Honda CBR 650F can be regarded as a variant of a full fairing of Honda CBR650F. It’s because both of the motorcycles are equally equipped with a DOHC inline 4-cylinder with 648.7cc capacity and PGM-FI combustion system.

This motorcycle has a very stunning engine performance and able to produce power up to 64 kW at 11,000 rpm rotation and torque reached 63 Nm at 8,000 rpm rotation.

This motorcycle performance is comparable to its design that looks very sporty with a cast full body fairing which is designed due to the utilization of ABS braking system.

After we discussed the top 3 best 600 motorcycles and their specs, I hope it can help you choose the one that suits your needs.

All the motorcycles are top-quality motorcycles, and they have a sporty and modern design with 600cc to 650cc engine capacity which totally will produce powerful energy. There are various options that you can choose according to your needs and your automotive tastes.

There is also a variety of models, ranging from Street Fighter who has an aggressive design, and full fairing design that looks sporty when viewed from different sides.