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Recognizing the Important Parts of a Motorcycle

Motorcycle consist of numerous different parts. Acknowledging the crucial part of a motorcycle is important.

1. Plug

plug motorcycle

A plug is a very important component of a vehicle without this part, and a motorcycle will not able to walk.

A plug is a static component that has a function to spark a high voltage flames electricity which comes from the coil in into the combustion chamber. The process makes the combustion chamber gas occurred.

2. Carburetor


The function of the carburetor is to regulate the air and fuel into the suction channel then move to a cylinder.

Carburetor also has the capacity to set ratio between fuel and air and to mix the fuel and air uniformly. (Used in old motor output).

3. The Injector

The Injector

The injector itself of its usefulness that is similar to pilot jet and main jet that spray fuel into the combustion chamber.

The injector performance was helped by the ECU (Engine Control Unit), which govern the level of a fuel injector.

In simple terms, the function of the injector is to inject fuel into the combustion chamber by changing the particles into a mist.

The injector is not siphoned gasoline by itself, but the gas flow to the injectors, due to the pressure of the fuel pump. So if there is no fuel pump injector, it will not work optimally.

4. Systems Engineering

Consists of :

a. Engine power system. As a source of propulsion for the drive, consisting of parts:

  • Machine / engine
  • The fuel system
  • Lubrication Systems
  • The exhaust system
  • Cooling System

b. Driving transmission system is a series of transmission and engine power to the rear wheels, comprising:

  • The clutch mechanism
  • Mechanism gear
  • Transmission
  • Mechanisms starter

5. Electrical System

The workings of the electricity used to generate power for the combustion engine work processes and signals to support the security drive.

So all components that are directly related to electrical energy are grouped into electrical parts.

Electrical parts are divided into:

  • Group ignition
  • Group charging
  • Group of the load

Order / Chassis

Consists of several components to support that motorcycles can run and turn. Its components are:

  • Frame
  • The steering group
  • Group of suspension
  • Wheel Group
  • Brake Group
  • The fuel tank
  • Seat
  • Fender